The RWNA was begun in October 1990 by a group of neighbors who wanted to foster a sense of community within our subdivision. The purpose of the RWNA is to promote good fellowship, neighborliness, civic cooperation, safety from crime, and better living in Rustic Woods.

Some of the activities undertaken by RWNA funded by your dues:

  • Active involvement in city and state affairs that directly affect the value of our homes.
  • Advocate for zoning changes around Rustic Woods.
  • Provide routine maintenance of common areas.
  • Establish and maintain a “crime watch” neighborhood.
  • Advocate for additional street lighting and sidewalk improvement.
  • An annual neighborhoodwide garage sale the third Saturday of each October.
  • Occasional neighborhood parties, block parties, and social events.
  • Yard of the Month awards for homes with outstanding curb appeal.
  • Occasional cleaning and mosquito prevention along the creek.
The Rustic Woods Neighborhood Association needs participation from all Rustic Woods residents to properly serve the community. Participation can range from simply paying annual dues, to involvement in RWNA activities, to taking part in the leadership of the association as a Block Captain or as an Officer.