Welcome to the Rustic Woods Neighborhood Association web site. We are proud to call Rustic Woods our neighborhood, and we work together in many ways to keep it beautiful and friendly. Visitors are encouraged to explore the site and learn about our neighborhood and all it has to offer.

Rustic Woods residents are encouraged to use this site for learning about neighborhood news and RWNA events, as well as for participating in issues important to the neighborhood. One great way is to email your board on the Contact Us page. RWNA members can view and review current activities and newsletters digitally. To figure out what block you live on and how to contact your Block captain, go to Maps of Rustic Woods.

The Rustic Woods subdivision is located in northeast Bedford, Texas, between Dallas and Fort Worth, and is bordered approximately by Harwood Road on the south, Industrial Boulevard (F.M. 157) on the east, and Forest Drive on the west.

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The RWNA Board

2022 Social Events

Mark your calendars! More details to follow…

*Periwinkle/Paint Brush Block Party!
Saturday, Oct 8 @ 5:30pm
3605 Periwinkle Ct.

*Chili Cook-Off
Saturday, Nov 12 @4:30pm
Misty Glen Court

*Holiday Party
Saturday, Dec 10
Rochelle Revel’s Home
3420 Paint Brush Lane

* RWNA 2023 Annual Meeting & Happy Hour * Saturday, Jan 14 @ 4:30pm Rochelle Revel’s Home
3420 Paint Brush Lane
Wine & snacks will be served!

Looking for NEW Board Members! It could be YOU!

Council Update

To Our Neighbors in Rustic Woods,

As you may have already heard, the Bedford City Council voted unanimously to approve the zoning change at 3705 and 3709 Harwood Road.

To those of you who distributed fliers, collected signatures, signed the petition, called the city, wrote to the city, showed up at the Bedford City Council meeting, and or spoke, thank you. You can be proud that you opted to get involved.

Right now, it may feel as though the members of the Council did not care about your concerns. The unanimous vote by the members of the council seemed to favor economic development over environmental impact. There is no disputing the fact that the change in zoning approved last night will increase the density, will increase congestion, add to traffic, nearly double the drainage runoff to the creek according to the developer, while lessening the amount of open spaces thereby increasing the hard services. It will also bring more money to the churches, to the developer, the builder and to the city.

So, what is next, for those who live along the creek? My suggestion is to document how your property appears today. Take pictures after rain falls that show the impact. As the land on Harwood is being developed, continue to document the changes if any. Once the land on Harwood is developed, do the same. Let your voice be heard, show the council how your home is affected. Maybe doubling the water traveling through the creek at a slower rate, therefore for a longer period will have no negative bearings. That is the hope, but if there is an adverse impact to your home to your life as a result, do not be quiet, share that information with the city.

As far as the increased traffic that is likely to occur on Forest and Cummings, let’s come up with ideas to mitigate this. Perhaps crosswalks painted on the road, signs that show it is a crossing area will make it safer for our children and those of us that walk through our neighborhood and frequently cross Cummings and or Forest.

Finally, VOTE!! Every time there is a city election, take the time to vote, let your voice be heard through your vote. The city knows who votes, they know which neighborhood has the highest turnout of voters, they just don’t know how you vote. Make it a priority vote in all city elections.


Thank you,

Rustic Woods Neighborhood Association Board

Our Community